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Grand Theft Auto 5's music and songs detailed

Red Dead composer Woody Jackson back for Los Santos' countryside.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will contain 15 radio stations, two talk radio stations, 240 licensed songs and "somewhere in the proximity of" 20 movies of soundtrack score.

It's the largest body of music that Rockstar has ever compiled, GTA5's soundtrack supervisor Ivan Pavlovich told Rolling Stone, and the largest self-composed score, too.

GTA5's soundtrack will kick in dynamically as you explore the world online and offline. Like Red Dead Redemption, elements will blend into one another and reflect your location and what your character is up to.

Red Dead composer Woody Jackson returns, fittingly to provide music for GTA5's vast Los Santos countryside. German electronic band Tangerine Dream have scored another section, while rap DJ Alchemist and Oh No have recorded another.

"Each of these composers is used to define a character or an environment," Pavlovich explained, suggesting each one of the game's three protagonists will receive their own brand of score.

"[But] even though you may be triggering one score with a particular character or within a particular area in the world, you're always hearing elements from the other composers," he continued. "The first time you come into the country you're blown away by Woody Jackson's rock score, but within that you're still hearing elements of Tangerine Dream, and Alchemist and Oh No. So you're never too far away from this core sound that we've established for the game."

GTA5's full tracklisting leaked last weekend after early copies pre-loaded from the EU PlayStation Store had their encryption cracked. We won't spoil it here, but the huge line-up is available to view elsewhere online.

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