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Grab this fast 512GB A2-rated micro SD card for its lowest-ever-price

Give your Switch or Steam Deck a big storage boost for under £40.

Another great micro SD card for the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck has dropped to its lowest-ever-price, offering 512GB of A2-rated memory for under £40.

The Lexar Play 512GB micro SD card offers a big storage boost for the money, coming in at 7.6p-per-gigabyte, which is impressive considering 1TB cards with similar speeds can be more than double the price. You can grab it at Amazon UK for £39:

Lexar Play 512GB Micro SD Card- £39 at Amazon UK (was £63)

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While the Lexar Play 512GB card isn't as cheap on Amazon US, you can still pick it up for $45.49 which is still good value for money:

Lexar Play 512GB Micro SD Card- $45.49 at Amazon US (was $50)

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One of the highlights of this card is the A2 rating, which means you should be able to play games off it directly with solid performance, one of the most important things if you want it to upgrade your Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch. For a card to have an A2 rating it must have a sustained sequential write speed of 10MB/s, as well as 2K IOPS random writes and 4K IOPS random reads. Sequential speeds will shorten the time it takes to copy files, and the Lexar card has impressive 150MB/s read and write speeds.

Practically, this card will be a big help if you want to expand your game library, or if you have a big game library and don't want to keep uninstalling and reinstalling games when you want to play them. For reference, the upcoming Baldur's Gate 3 will take up around 125GB of space on your Steam Deck, and newer Switch titles like Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Metroid Prime Remastered need 18.2GB and 6.8GB respectively.

Whichever handheld console you use, this deal on the Lexar Play 512GB micro SD card is a great way to give it more space and load your games quickly.

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