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Google's most searched term in 2016 was Pokémon GO

Followed by iPhone 7, Trump, and Prince.

Google Trends just released its Year in Search report for 2016 and the most searched for term globally was "Pokémon GO".

Following it were, in order: iPhone 7, Trump, Prince, and Powerball.

If you separate it by country, Pokémon Go was only the second most popular search in the UK. It arrived behind Euro2016, but ahead of David Bowie, Donald Trump, and Prince.

Looking at the UK's "How to?" category, the most frequent question was "How to play Pokémon GO?"

Similarly, the "What is?" category's UK lead was "What is Pokémon GO?"

Pokémon GO was a little less popular in the US, where it ranked fourth overall after Powerball, Prince and Hurricane Matthew. Fifth place was another video game, however, with Snake-like browser affair

Anther fun fact: the region that most actively googled "Pokémon" was Bacoor in the Philippines.

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