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Godus is out now for free on iOS

PC version is getting a "spectacular, bonkers & undeniably amazing" feature.

Populus and Black & White creator Peter Molyneux has released his latest god game, Godus, on iOS today.

The free-to-play affair puts players in the role of god, shaping a civilization and its surrounding landscape as you see fit. You'll be able to carve rivers into the terrain, rain down meteors, guide villagers on adventures, and learn more about these people's belief system.

"In Godus your hands will sculpt the mountains and carve rivers. Your touch will create pastures for your people. You will be loved by tiny worshipers that need your help to grow and your direction to progress through the ages of civilization," explained Molyneux in the release announcement.

"Power comes to you through influence, and your miracles guide the forces of nature. You must decide whether to use such awesome power for good or ill," he continued. "As you progress through the game you will find history hidden in the land through mysterious artefacts that uncover the true story behind your Followers. By journeying to far off lands to complete quests, you will bring back powerful abilities for your ever-gracious people."

Over time developer 22cans will add new features to Godus, allowing players to clash with rival gods, unlock new abilities and compete in various challenges.

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Godus is still available on Steam Early Access, where a new "Settlements revamp update" will be added tomorrow. This version will be receiving a "spectacular, bonkers & undeniably amazing PC-exclusive feature," according to 22cans community manager George Kelion.

For more on Godus, our Chris Donlan took a deep dive with the PC version in April where he was less than impressed in the Dungeon Keeper creator's latest effort. "It's still hard to pin down what, if anything, 22Cans actually wants Godus to be," he said at the time. "After 70 hours of Godus, it actually sounds like blind, panicked, directionless design that chews up eager, talented developers and bores and confuses and angers the players." Hardly a glowing recommendation then, but game design is an iterative process, so perhaps this official iOS release will be better. It's free anyway, so see for yourself how you like playing god.

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