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The god who Peter Molyneux forgot wants his cut of a new game bundle to go to charity instead

"It felt very bizarre to me."

Bryan Henderson has told the people behind a new game bundle designed to give him up to $10,000 that he wants the money to go to charity instead.

Henderson told to give the 10 per cent of revenue promised to him by the company to video game charity Special Effect.

Last year Eurogamer told the story of Bryan Henderson, the god who Peter Molyneux forgot. Molyneux's studio 22cans promised Henderson a percentage of revenue made from Godus, the controversial crowdfunded god sim, while he assumed the in-game role of God of Gods. But that role - and therefore the money - never materialised.

Bulletproof Bit used Bryan's story - with his blessing - to help promote, which launches today. But following the announcement he got in touch to decline the offer.

The reaction to the announcement of the god game-themed bundle was mixed, with critics saying Henderson shouldn't be treated like a charity case.

Here's a snippet from Eurogamer readers:

It sounds like Henderson agreed with the sentiment. "I came to the realisation that it's absurd that I would receive money from the public, that I would be a charity of some kind," he told Eurogamer.

"It felt very bizarre to me. I'm just simply not a deserving cause for charity, which I think everyone knows.

"I think it took me so long to realise because I've just been so so busy with college projects that I've barely had time to think about it. Now that I've had some spare time I was able to come to that conclusion."

Henderson's decision leaves in the awkward position of launching The Forgotten God game bundle without its hook. But it's still going ahead. The bundle features eight games, including Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition, Pathologic Classic HD and Pixel Poetry. You can choose what you want to pay for the games.

"We're honoured to fulfil this request for Bryan and humbled by his generosity," told Eurogamer in an email.

Despite the kerfuffle, Henderson seems happy with the situation.

"I do understand that it's kinda weird now since the whole point was to do this for me. Now it's like, well what have I got to do with this now?" he said.

"But you know, I've done my bit already. the game bundle has gained some attention generated by the story.

"And I am very glad that the money will be going to Special Effect."