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Get the Lenovo Legion K500 mechanical gaming keyboard for half price

Show your desk some love with this Valentine's Day discount.

It used to be that gaming keyboards and mechanical keyboards were two very different things, with gamers preferring membrane keyboards over standard mechanical keyboards that were branded as 'for gamers' but just had loud and stiff keys.

Gaming keyboard manufacturers now have put in much more effort into making their gaming keyboards have fast and responsive mechanical switches that have a nice tactile feel, but are still fast enough to compete in the latest games.

As a result, there are lots of good mechanical gaming keyboards out there, and we've spotted one from Lenovo which is currently available for half price on their store thanks to the eCoupon "VALENTINES":

Lenovo Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- £40 at Lenovo with code "VALENTINES"(was £80)

Built-in game mode, dedicated media keys, detachable palm rest.

This is the UK layout of the K500, so you'll get the larger enter key and the '£' symbol in their usual places (all of the pictures I could find are of the US layout). The "VALENTINES" coupon will be automatically applied to the keyboard when you go to checkout.

The K500 is a very good keyboard that keeps a minimalistic design to focus on proper performance. It's a full-size keyboard so you get 105 keys, and the game-mode button can be pressed to disable things like the Windows key so you don't have any accidental presses when you're gaming.

When you are gaming you'll be able to feel the benefit of the K500's red mechanical switches, which are faster mechanical switches with a shorter travel length and actuation force needed, so you'll get a near-instant response time while still getting a nice mechanical switch feel and sound.

And when you're not gaming and need to be productive, the K500 has a full range of media keys and comes with a detachable wrist rest as well as tilt-adjustable feet so you can type away without putting too much strain on your hands and wrists.

The Legion K500 was already a good value keyboard at £80 thanks to the switches, design, RGB, and its build quality, so getting it at £40 is a steal. If you wanted to pair the K500 with a new mouse, then the Legion M300s gaming mouse is also half price on their website.

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