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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Get Stellaris, Civilization 6 and more together for under £12 on Humble

Planet to the max.

For the next eight days, you can nab a raft of big bad strategy games from as low as under a quid at the Humble Store, including cosmically vast titles Stellaris and Civilisation 6. This year's Humble Strategy 2019 bundle features the above titles and more for the princely sum of £11.33, or $15.

From the one dollar band, we have three games. Firstly, there's Niche - genetics survival game, which entails shaping your own species of beast and keeping them alive in the brutal wilds.

As you'd expect this includes different biomes and predators, plus flora and prey. As a bonus, the actual scientific mechanics of genetics are interwoven into the game - meaning you can learn as you play. As Niche is currently £13.59 on Steam, this makes for one top-tier deal too!

Niche - a genetics survival game.

Secondly, we have Ashes of Singularity: Escalation, from the folks behind cosmic RTS Sins of a Solar Empire. Including the original game and expansion Escalation, it features vast battles across worlds that comprise thousands of units. The game also costs a stellar £23.79 on Steam.

Lastly within this band, we have online multiplayer game Throne of Lies. Inspired by the likes of Werewolf and Mafia - in which a traitor must be rooted out from the group - players are randomly assigned one of 40+ classes, ranging from king to fool, and must either find the betrayer or effectively deceive and manipulate others as the double-dealer.

Ashes of Singularity: Escalation.

Next, for a mere £6.80, you can grab an additional two games, including big-hitters Stellaris (£34.99 on Steam) and Plague Inc Evolved. One of the most well-known grand strategy titles out right now, Stellaris involves the player creating a galactic empire.

With awesome customisation options that include a host of unusual alien species, policies and technology, and the joys of colonisation, or in a later expansion, even MegaCorp shenanigans, Stellaris makes for both an expansive strategy game and an exciting form of emergent storytelling. Traverse the cosmos, discover new things and flourish in the farthest reaches of space.


You've probably heard of Plague Inc: Evolved before, its mobile incarnation is fiendishly popular. Essentially you play a plague dead-set on wiping out humanity, and will have to adapt to everything those pesky flesh monkeys throw at you to stay alive. Diseases range from zombies to bacteria to a spontaneous Ice Age, as well as an option that lets you create your very own pestilence.

Plague Inc: Evolved.

Within the £7.48 band, we have Dungeons 3 and Offworld Trading Company with expansion. Dungeons 3 is essentially a modern Dungeon Keeper, with its own husky narrator to boot.

Dungeons 3.

From Civilization 4 lead designer, Soren Johnson, online economic RTS Offworld Trading Company involves trading goods on Mars. The game involving making profit on the Red Planet, has been received well critically across the board.

Lastly, there's Civilization 6 to be had for a total of £11.33 including everything else, which considering it's nearly £50 on Steam, is one not too shabby strategy deal!