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Get a 512GB Samsung Pro Plus microSD card for £39

Bump up your Switch or Steam Deck's storage for less.

Getting a microSD card can be a cheap and simple way to upgrade your handheld device, like a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, by bumping up its total storage and improving transfer and load times.

One of our favourite SD cards is the Samsung Pro Plus, and the 512GB model is now on sale for its lowest historical price on Amazon UK, and over half price off in the US:

Samsung 512GB Pro Plus MicroSD Card- £39 at Amazon UK (was £74)

Buy now

Samsung 512GB Pro Plus MicroSD Card- $50 at Amazon US (was $110)

Buy now

The Samsung Pro Plus regularly features in the Digital Foundry standings of best Switch Micro SD cards and best Steam Deck Micro SD cards because it offers such great value, and these recent discounts make that case even stronger.

The card has read and write speeds of up to 160/120MB/s respectively, as well as A2-rated random performance which is useful for the consoles but even more important for cameras, drones and GoPros where the high read and write speeds speed up the process of capturing media and transferring it to and from the card.

You also get a full-size SD adapter, so it's easy to transfer that data into a laptop or PC, and all the benefits can be used in mirrorless cameras and DSLRs with full-size SD card slots.

Overall this is a great performing card that also offers you excellent price-per-gigabyte of space, and not having to uninstall games to install new ones is always a nice benefit to have.

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