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GDC: Rare refuels Jetpac

New trailer in orbit.

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Rare got into the GDC spirit today by revealing the first footage of its new Live Arcade title, Jetpac Refuelled. You can find the trailer on our very own Eurogamer TV.

The game is a remake of the classic 16k Spectrum shooter from 1983, back when Rare was known as Ultimate Play The Game. Could this mark the beginning of major re-assessment of Rare's most ancient back catalogue?

The original Speccy game challenged players with floating Jet Man around the screen to gather wreckage from your crashed spaceship. With various baddies zoning in on you from all sides, you had to shoot them while trying to put your craftl back together again. Once you did that, you had to gather fuel, take off and do the same thing again on another planet.

The Xbox 360 version will feature more enemies and over 100 levels, with the camera panning further away from the action for each stage you advance past; eventually reducing your spaceman to a tiny blip surrounded by hordes of wacky aliens.

As usual, we can expect the usual HD resolution support, achievements and general next-generation polish.

You'll also be able to battle it out against your friends on Xbox Live, as up to four of you race to be the first to cobble together and refuel your spaceship. All the action will take place on one screen, and with waves of Martians to maul, it isn't as easy as it sounds.

There's no release date for the title as yet, and the price is also unconfirmed. More news soon.

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