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GDC: Pokémon Wii announced

First game to use Wi-Fi.

Nintendo has confirmed that Pokémon Battle Revolution will be the first Wii title to make use of Wi-Fi connectivity when it's released across the U.S. on 25th June.

Speaking at GDC, the publisher revealed you'll be able to wirelessly connect your DS to the console to use as a controller, or to import characters from the handheld Pokémon Diamond or Pokémon Pearl games.

All the usual monster-battling mayhem is expected as this new game adds a fresh chapter to the 155 million unit-selling franchise.

Unfortunately Nintendo was unable to comment on when we could expect the game in Europe.

Pokémon Battle Revolution will join the line-up for Nintendo's new console, which expects to boast more than 50 titles by the end of June. Though that figure is for America, naturally.

Among the upcoming first party titles are Super Paper Mario, Mario Party 8, and Big Brain Academy. Prince of Persia: Rival Swords from Ubisoft will join them, as will Bionicle Heroes from Eidos, and Tamagotchi Party from Namco Bandai.

Pop over to our gallery to see the latest GDC screenshots of Pokemon Battle Revolution.