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Japan is getting a Pokémon-themed train


Pokémon has taken over another form of transport in Japan. This time they've got themselves plastered all over a train.

Like Japan's Pokémon-themed fleet of jets (which has featured 10 aircraft since its launch by All Nippon Airways in 1998), there's no escaping Pokémon even when safely inside.

Passengers will be treated to Pokémon-themed seating, curtains, carpets and wall friezes. There will even be a coach decked out to become a forested Pokémon play area. Included are what looks like Pokéball-themed inflatable beach balls.

Flight attendants on the Pokémon jets are made to dress up, so train passengers will hopefully also see a zipped-up Togepi waddling down the aisle checking tickets.

Concept art for the train lies below (thanks, Tiny Cartridge, via Nintendo Life). The service will begin in Japan's Tohouku region from 22nd December.