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GC: Club multiplayer unveiled

Nine modes to choose from.

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Bizarre Creations has revealed the first concrete details of the multiplayer mode in PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 shooter The Club, during a behind closed doors demo at the Leipzig Games Convention 2007.

Only single player modes were shown, but design manager Nick Davis did inform us that The Club will feature "about nine" multiplayer game modes.

Matches will take place in the same eight locations used for single player, which include an abandoned warehouse, an old mansion, a prison and the backstreets of Venice. You will be also be able to play as any of the eight characters from the single player game.

According to Davis the multiplayer modes are "half quite traditional, half based around The Club and the way it works". So you can expect good old deathmatch and team deathmatch but also modes like sprint, where you're racing against the clock and picking up points for stylish kills, headshots and so on.

Naturally, you'll be able to compete against other players online. Davis said there will be "around 600 leaderboards in total", which he reckons is a world record.

The Club is due out this "holiday season", and we'll be bringing you a full preview soon.

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