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Gaming's most intriguing deleted scenes with Outside Xbox

Plus The Division and video games' weirdest celebrity cameos.

Happy new year Eurogamers, we hope you had a great festive break and are raring to get back to the serious business of watching YouTube videos about video games.

Here's one to get you started - a look at some of the scenes that never made it into some of our favourite games. Archival website The Cutting Room Floor aims to catalogue as many deleted elements as possible from all sorts of games, but we've picked out our highlights from the list, including BioShock, Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead:

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Next up, something about one of our most anticipated games of 2014, Tom Clancy's The Division. The Division's makers are poised to dazzle us with the purpose-built next-gen Snowdrop Engine and are unhampered by the need to create an Xbox 360 version or PS3 version. Which is why The Division might be the first true 'next-gen' next-gen game, part of the post-launch wave of games that should really let the Xbox One (and PS4) hit its stride:

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Finally this week, a look at the weirdest celebrity cameos in games. You can't blame game developers for wanting to add a bit of glamour to their games by dropping in guest appearances from famous people and characters. Most of the time, these cameos make sense and don't detract too much from the rest of the game. Most of the time:

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For more, including OxBox's new year's resolutions , check out, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss a video. See you next week!

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