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GameStop primed for big Nintendo game

Says shelf space has been reserved.

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US retail giant GameStop has said that Nintendo is reserving shelf space for a big game launch at the end of 2009.

"We think there will be a Nintendo key property coming out by the end of the year," CEO Don DeMatteo told CNBC. "They haven't given us any insight, but they have told us to reserve space."

Nintendo has been focusing on handhelds recently, launching the DSi and DSiWare, and announcing The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks at GDC.

However, the company is expected to make more Wii announcements at E3 in June, as its current crop of related products - including Punch-Out!!, Wii MotionPlus and Wii Sports Resort - will either be on the market or close to launch by then.

DeMatteo also said that he thought Sony and Nintendo ought to consider cutting the price of PS3 and Wii respectively. "That price point is clearly an issue in this economy," he said of the PS3's USD 399 tag, adding that a 50-dollar cut wouldn't be enough.

"I think the Wii could slow down to the extent that Nintendo may want to cut the price," he also said, pointing out that component costs have dropped. "They used to break even on the Wii, but now they're making a considerable margin."

The Wii currently sells for around GBP 180 in the UK, although Nintendo recently increased the trade price for the console, citing the depreciation of the pound.

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