PES 2018

A timely overhaul that should take a great game to new heights - though it's not quite on peak form this year.

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PES 2018 to get more Liverpool legends

Gerrard! McManaman! Keegan! Barnes! More!

Regular readers will know I'm no Liverpool fan (my brother, sucked in by the Irish side of my family, supports them, which adds extra spice). But even I have to admit these players are legends. Well, every one of them except Steve McManaman.

PES 2018 review

RecommendedPES 2018 review

A season of rebuilding.

When I played PES 2018 earlier this year, the series' global product and brand manager Adam Bhatti told me it was the first game of a three-year cycle; a new foundation upon which Konami's looking to build. For better and worse, it feels like it. There are marked improvements in some areas, but PES's overall game has weakened slightly from last year, like a side that's spent big money recruiting three attacking midfielders during the close season while entirely failing to strengthen their back four.

PES 2018 review

Developer: Konami

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Now this is more like it, Konami. After the disappointing Fulham PES partnership announcement and the bizarre Usain Bolt pre-order bonus reveal, the Japanese company has pulled out the big gun: David Beckham.

FeaturePES 2018 proves that slower can be better

Gimmicks, Griezmann and gegenpressing: hands-on with this year's model.

Usain Bolt? Really? The recent announcement that the world's fastest man is to feature in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 seems a strange, misleading and possibly even misguided step. PES has earned its reputation not on gimmicks, but by taking the sport it simulates very seriously indeed. A headline-grabbing move this may be, but it's also a little desperate, and not very PES at all.

Feature“I want to be seen as the best”

What drives a semi professional PES player to the top.

One of my favourite things about being a football fan is that the game isn't the only thing you hear about any more. The demands of a seemingly insatiable 24 hour news media has meant that journalists get the chance to tell stories that go beyond the sport itself.

PES 2018 is definitely not coming to Switch

But Konami's up for future games being ported if fans are keen.

While the world wondered whether the Switch's FIFA was going to be the real deal or not, there's a slightly more definitive answer when it comes to that other long-running football series. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is not coming to Nintendo's Switch, Konami has confirmed - though it is open to the idea in future.

PES 2018 release date announced

PES 2018 release date announced

Konami promises PC version improvements.

This year's Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2018, will launch on 14th September 2017 for PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Konami has pledged the game's PC version will be up "to the standard of the leading console iterations" after fans complained last year's entry was stuck between the current and last-gen console editions.

A list of new additions include a new user interface, contextual shielding, improved dribbling and ball control, reworked set pieces and better lighting throughout.

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