Pro Evolution Soccer Management

Pro Evolution Soccer Management

Pro Evolution Soccer Management

To paraphrase Graham Taylor, do I like this or not?

Given that excellent early Championship Manager games are available for thruppence and capable of running on a Casio wristwatch, let alone a modern PC, the compromises of console-based equivalents - which to this day remain hamstrung by a lack of important PC components to churn the data and crap, low resolution displays - are off-putting. Like accepting a lift to the station from your gran when walking would get you there quicker and without having to talk about your diet/job/when you're getting married/the dangers of baiting mallards.

That said, the developers of the current crop of console sheepskin sims like LMA Manager are increasingly wise to this, and having grumped enough about not being able to run 48 different leagues concurrently, have responded with things like fancy match engines that aim to offer greater visual excitement than statistically heavy PC efforts. Pro Evolution Soccer Management, Konami's first attempt to give players control of the clipboard rather than the ball itself, takes things even further. The clue is in the title - you're not managing a game of football, you're managing a game of Pro Evolution Soccer, and the differences run deep.

For a start, each match only lasts ten minutes, and this can't be changed. Players play in the manner of mid-level, PS2-controlled opposition in PES5 - sensibly, cautiously, and often rather boringly and predictably. Licenses are fairly thin on the ground, so while the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal line up properly, they're often up against the likes of Merseyside Red and Man Blue - and player data is much less than up to date, with Roy Keane still at Old Trafford, for example, so you'll have to mess around in the PES-like Edit Mode if you want things to appear as they should. Fortunately you can import data from a PES5 save-file if you have one.

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Pro Evo Management out soon

Later this month, in fact.

Konami has confirmed the release date for Pro Evolution Soccer Management - and the good news is it'll be here in just a few weeks.