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FIFA 15 patch addresses shooting and goalkeepers

EA Sports has issued a patch for FIFA 15 that promises to improve shooting and goalkeeper behaviour among a host of other fixes and tweaks. According to the official forum, the patch is out now on PC and PS4 and coming soon to Xbox One.

The FIFA rebalancing patch, released once the game has been out in the wild for a few weeks, has become a bit of an annual tradition and usually seeks to address the most prominent complaints from the series' dedicated community.

For them - and for critics who raised similar concerns - the headline changes should come as little surprise. Shooting, in particular, felt underpowered in the shipping game in all but the most talented attackers, leading to all sorts of wayward shots in situations where it felt strange not to at least test goalkeepers.

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Bah! EA patched out that hilarious FIFA 15 bug

Bah! EA patched out that hilarious FIFA 15 bug

That made all the players race towards the centre circle.

Remember that FIFA 15 bug that made all the players - goalkeepers included - race towards the centre circle after kick-off? EA has patched it out.

The bug, which we reported on last month, was squashed by a patch issued to the PC version of the game yesterday.

Shame. The bug, which you can see in the video below, looked like fun!

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Luis Suarez real-life football ban extends to FIFA 15

Former Liverpool man not available in Ultimate Team or Career mode.

When Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez took a bite out of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup this summer, he was quickly banned from "all football activities" by governing body FIFA until the end of October. It turns out that also included game modes in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team: time for a shake-up?

Our resident obsessive is still playing, but gradually losing interest.

If you're a football fan, then you probably spent last summer reading about Gareth Bale, Neymar and Luis Suarez. Would they move? How much for? It's all part of the fun of the sport. Me though, I was busy getting excited about another transfer entirely. Because at the start of July 2013, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang ended his two-year spell at Saint-Etienne and signed for every football hipster's second club, Borussia Dortmund.

Face-Off: FIFA 15

UPDATE 20/10/14 3:35pm: In this article, we note that motion blur is a key omission on the Xbox One version of FIFA 15. We can confirm that the patch released today fixes this.

Original Story: If last year's FIFA laid a foundation for the series on PS4 and Xbox One - debuting an Ignite engine that brought 1080p visuals and 3D crowds - then FIFA 15 is a sure-footed next step. Developer EA Canada uses its extra year to enhance the game's lighting and physics in particular, making the generational jump from PS3 and 360 that much more profound. But with the series pushing Sony and Microsoft's new consoles harder, is parity still being upheld between the two? And indeed, is everything intact for the PC's first use of Ignite?

At first, it all looks like change for the prettier. New to the series is a physically-based approach to lighting, meaning player skin shaders and kit fabrics react more naturally to each stadia's spotlights. The look of each stadium benefits here. The Nou Camp pitch now receives a layer of grass shader mapping too - seen subtly popping in during instant replay camera swoops. The net result is a richer, more reactive pitch surface, where lighting brings an eye-catching, specular property to each grass tuft.

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FIFA 15 bug turns fancy sim into playground football

The game is kicking off in around the park / It's 25-a-side and before it's dark / There's gonna be a loser and you know the next goal wins.

Remember when you were a kid playing football in the playground, and everyone ran towards the ball rather than spread out?

FIFA 15 review

FIFA 15 review

Teenage kicks.

Football is a contradictory sport. It's a culture that expresses itself best through the kinships and rivalries of local communities, yet embraces globalism like no other pastime. A world that makes millionaires of its participants, yet through its veneration of supporters claims a special bond with the common man. A team game of predictable shapes and patterns that hinges on unpredictable individuality.

It's perhaps fitting, then, that FIFA too is a franchise built on contradictions. A conservative, mega-budget series that radically changes its engine on an almost annual basis. A boxed product that (one suspects) makes most of its money from an online spin-off. A game that improves on itself every year, but never really moves forward at all.

It's this conflict more than any other that dominates my thoughts after a week with FIFA 15. Next-gen aesthetic improvements aside, is it any better a gameplay experience than any FIFA before it? More pertinently, is it even possible to say?

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What is the most exciting news in gaming this month? Whatever you just said: incorrect. The most exciting news in gaming this month is of course the release of new player ratings for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team and the multitude of fascinating subplots contained within, scarcely any of which will have a measurable impact on playing the game, but all of which somehow feel worth discussing in these football-starved minutes halfway between the respective evening kick-offs of Monday and Tuesday's international qualifiers.

Is FIFA 15's beauty only skin deep?

EA Sports latest outing has much more to offer than "emotion".

And so, with the meat and veg of this year's Fédération Internationale de Football Association 2015 dispatched, we move on to dessert, with a ragtag assortment of hacks invited down to the Cologne of the North Downs (Guildford) to catch-up with improvements to the match engine and take in a few new features while we were there.

Three new Xbox One bundles inbound this year

Sunset Overdrive, FIFA 15 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare all being packaged up.

Microsoft used its Gamescom 2014 briefing in Cologne to announce three new bundles for its Xbox One hardware, including a new ceramic white model being made available to the public for the first time.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Legends exclusive to Xbox One and Xbox 360

FIFA Ultimate Team Legends is exclusive to Xbox platforms for FIFA 15, EA has said.

Earlier this week box art for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions mentioned FUT Legends as "Only on Xbox", and now EA has issued a statement confirming the decision.

"We're not talking about FUT 15 just yet but yes, Legends will continue to be only on Xbox platforms," an EA Sports spokesperson told Eurogamer.

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EA Sports has announced pre-order incentives for the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition of the game - including the option to have Lionel Messi on your team for your first five matches - when the game launches on 25th September in the UK.

Does FIFA 15 fix the series' legacy issues?

Much stays the same for EA Sports new outing, but on closer inspection much has changed.

It was one of those little moments in my personal gaming history that I don't think I'll ever forget. We'd been summoned to a classmate's house to witness the beginning of a new chapter in console technology: Sony's hip and edgy PlayStation. The classmate (let's call him Rob - after all, that was his name) was a rarity in our peer group - someone whose parents considered it entirely reasonable to spend around £300 on something which then, much more so than now, was considered little more than a toy. Rob was unpopular, in an awkward 11-year-old sort of way, but that night his living room would become the centre of our worlds.