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The bizarre drink driving Dead Rising 4 tweet

"Might as well call in sick now."

This morning the Department for Transport's Think! road safety Twitter account shared a picture of a pint glass, full with beer, emblazoned with "Dead Rising 4 out tomorrow, might as well call in sick now".

Face-Off: Dead Rising Remastered

Digital FoundryFace-Off: Dead Rising Remastered

Baffling frame-rate issues impact Capcom's latest PS4 and Xbox One remasters.

With Capcom gearing up to release new series entries for both Resident Evil 7 and Dead Rising, the firm has spent much of 2016 revisiting its back catalogue of games, porting them over to the latest console hardware. Dead Rising, Dead Rising 2 and its Off The Record spin-off arrived this week for both PS4 and Xbox One - with 1080p60 gameplay targeted for both systems.

We went into this one with limited expectations - the Resident Evil 4/5/6 triumvirate of remasters turned out to be somewhat limited in scope, with sparse enhancements in terms of upgrades to the actual artwork, and with only the most minor of tweaks to the presentation (tweaked gameplay cameras, for example). The approach from Capcom seems to have been to centre on authenticity - simply to upgrade resolution and performance, as opposed to lavishing the kind of extreme care and attention to the experience as we've seen in titles like Gravity Crash Remastered and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

In the case of Dead Rising and its sequel, however, this may not be a bad idea because both titles had issues with their presentation on original hardware. The series debut targeted 30fps on Xbox 360 but exhibited some of the most intrusive screen-tearing we saw back in the day. Meanwhile, Dead Rising 2 launched on both PS3 and Xbox 360 - it wasn't bad on the Microsoft console, mostly hitting its 720p30 target with v-sync engaged, but PS3 was somewhat messy - 1024x576 (!) with v-sync off. Not good.

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Dead Rising remasters get release date and price

Dead Rising remasters get release date and price

15.99 for one game or 39.99 for all.

The three Dead Rising games from the former console generation are all getting remastered and now we know when to expect them and how much they'll cost.

Priced at 15.99 / €19.99 / $19.99, each game is due on 13th September digitally.

Pre-orders for the Dead Rising Triple Pack will be 16 per cent off at 39.99.

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Dead Rising series remasters reveal first screenshots

Last week Capcom announced remasters of its first few Dead Rising games for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now we know who's behind these restorations and what they look like.

As revealed on the Xbox Store, the original Dead Rising is being ported to modern platforms via QLOC, a Polish quality assurance studio that handled the DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition for PS4 and Xbox One.

Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Off the Record are being remastered by Mercenary Technologies, the folks behind the PS4 version of God of War 3 and the PC version of Resident Evil 5.

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Dead Rising: Watchtower comes to Xbox a week early

Despite it being on Sony's streaming service Crackle.

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the live-action film based on Capcom's popular open-world zombie series, is coming to Xbox consoles a week early, Xbox Live director of programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has announced.

Watch the Dead Rising film's debut trailer

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film based on Capcom's open-mall zombie series, has received its first trailer.

Starring comedian Rob Riggle (The Daily Show, 21 Jump Street) and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen (Sideways), Dead Rising: Watchtower will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle. Other stations will air it episodically.

Director Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) said he wanted to make the movie like "Indiana Jones with zombies" in terms of tone.

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The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

The Dead Rising movie gets a March release date

Some stations will air it episodically.

Dead Rising: Watchtower, the live-action film starring funnyman Rob Riggle, will debut on 27th March on Sony Pictures Television's streaming service Crackle.

After its Crackle release, Dead Rising: Watchtower will eventually come to other digital services and physical media. According to GameInformer, some video on demand distribution channels will air the movie episodically instead of as a feature film.

Director Zach Lipovsky (Leprechaun: Origins) has previously compared the upcoming horror comedy's tone to "Indiana Jones with zombies" with "fun, scary, dramatic action".

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DR2: Off the Record cynicism quashed

"There's a ton of added value here."

Developer Capcom Vancouver believes it has now quashed the cynicism surrounding Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, the Dead Rising 2 spin-off that re-imagines the game from Frank West's perspective.

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Inafune: Capcom forced sequel output

Defied bosses to develop Dead Rising.

Capcom management abandoned interest in new IP to force development of sequels, former Capcom head of development Keiji Inafune has alleged.

Studio bosses keen to cut costs opted for a policy of systemic sequelisation, Inafune claimed in an address at a Kyoto university (translated by Andriasang).

New titles - including Inafune's Dead Rising and Lost Planet - were initially rejected.

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Capcom denies alienating DR2 PS3 gamers

Xbox exclusivity "a present" to original fans.

Capcom has denied it is "alienating" PS3-owning Dead Rising fans following the announcement of Xbox Live-exclusive downloadable game Dead Rising 2: Case West.

Inafune denies Dead Rising 2

Not in production, says producer.

Capcom producer Keiji Inafune says work on a sequel to Dead Rising has not yet commenced, despite it being the title he would most like to work on. Aw.

Dead Rising plays dress-up

New costumes to download.

To celebrate Dead Rising selling over one million copies, Capcom has decided to release some new costumes, themes and pictures on Xbox Live.

Dead Rising and Lost Planet to remain Xbox 360-exclusive

Whatever's going on with Devil May Cry 4 (it's coming to Xbox 360 and PC as well as PS3 - where have you been?), Lost Planet and Dead Rising "are not slated to appear on Wii or PS3 as far as current plans go".

That's according to Capcom's director of strategic planning and research, Christian Svensson, who was drawn into clarifying his earlier comments on the publisher's official forum. Previously he had said that Capcom is "committed to making its titles available to as wide an audience as possible" in reference to DMC4's situation.

"The quote delivered above references our strategy moving forward, not something that is necessarily retroactive. You can see evidence of this with our previously stated [Resident Evil 5] plans going to 360 and PS3 simultaneously," Svensson noted.

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Dead Rising sequels likely

Dead Rising sequels likely

"For years to come".

Capcom's Mark Beaumont has said that the company will produce Dead Rising games "for years to come".

The original game, an Xbox 360 exclusive, has shipped over one million copies worldwide as of 31st December 2006.

Speaking exclusively to our sister site, Beaumont attributed some of the game's success to punters' willingness "to take more of an experiment in what games they'll try" at the start of a hardware cycle.

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FeatureUK Charts: Lego blocks number one spot

Star Wars fights its way to the top of the heap.

TT Games and LucasArts have fought their way to the premier position in the UK all-formats charts, as Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy becomes the highest-selling title this week.

FeatureUK Charts: Xbox 360 dominates top five

Dead Rising on top, Saints Row, Test Drive in close pursuit.

Capcom's bloody adventure title Dead Rising has bludgeoned its way to the top of the Chart Track all-formats charts this week, becoming the fastest-selling Xbox 360 title to date.

No Dead Rising text patch

No Dead Rising text patch

Capcom rules it out.

Capcom has ruled out patching Dead Rising on Xbox 360 to increase the size of the on-screen text, despite complaints from people playing the game on standard-definition TVs.

"Dead Rising was optimised for HD and we offered some suggestions for SD TV owners," a spokesperson for the US arm of the company told 1UP.

"[But] due to the amount of text and size of the patch necessary to change the text, a patch isn't possible for this issue."

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Another Dead Rising costume

A small but free download.

With Dead Rising set to launch in Europe tomorrow, Capcom's released another freebie for the game's already-hefty US audience.

Dead Rising

Dead Rising

Import review: The dead walk (and wear horsey masks).

A message on the front of the box, repeated on the way into the game, warns anybody in any doubt that Dead Rising is neither the work of nor sanctioned by the great George A. Romero, and has nothing to do with his seminal Dawn of the Dead.

Except, of course, it has everything to do with it. But it's not just the malls, the sniping, the pillaging of supplies and shuttering of doors, the painful "turning" of familiars or the insurgence of pesky lunatics at various intervals. If there's one parallel Capcom must be particularly proud of, it's the consistency of humour and that all important survivalist instinct. Where, perversely, Dawn of the Dead was a horror film people actually wanted to be in, Dead Rising is a horror game that renders the same compulsion for the same reasons.

Not only that, but you can face the apocalypse dressed as a horse.

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Dead Rising

Dawn of the Dead Rising obsession.

The question a lot of boring Internet men will very soon be asking is this: is Dead Rising - Capcom's first Xbox 360 exclusive and the most highly anticipated game due out between now and Gears of War - a system seller? BBFC talks sense

Read this week's editorial on Dead Rising.

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Dead Rising DLC already

Eight free costumes.

Dead Rising is still nearly a month away from European release, but that hasn't stopped Capcom moving to capitalise on the game's US momentum with some quick-fire downloadable content.

BBFC defends Dead Rising

And decision to let it past uncut.

The British Board of Film Classification has told that it will stand by the decision to allow Capcom's Xbox 360 horror title Dead Rising to go on sale uncensored in the UK.

Dead Rising PAL uncensored

Capcom confirms: no cuts.

Capcom has said that Dead Rising will make it to Europe next month intact, with no cuts made to the version that came out in the USA yesterday.

Dead Rising demo soon

Plus, new trailer on Live.

With summer eating us alive, attention's turning to the first delights of the upcoming third and fourth quarter release schedules - and Dead Rising is chief amongst the early feasts.

Dead Rising

Get shares quick.

Catharsis. The simple purging of emotional tensions, if we're going to take the dictionary at face value, it's the kind of thing that drives us to watch scary movies or play scary video games to allow us to experience, say, fear, an emotion we wouldn't get to (nor want to) experience naturally, and purge that tension from our systems.

Dead Rising US date adjusted

Bludgeon the undead back a bit.

Capcom's zombie hackandslash Dead Rising is now due out sometime this summer in the US of States, says Capcom's American website. It had been due out in May.

FeatureDead Rising

And you will know it by the trailer of the Dead Rising.

During the introduction of his first Xbox 360 title, Keiji Inafune joked that it was obviously a huge surprise to see Capcom doing a game about zombies. Well, no, it isn't - but it is surprising to see Capcom doing a next-generation zombie game that seems to be trying to splice State of Emergency and Final Fight with the recent Dawn of the Dead remake and a Bruce Campbell-in-Evil Dead style lead character.

Dead Rising for 360

Capcom's new survival horror.

Capcom has announced its first title for Xbox 360 - a brand new survival horror game going under the name of Dead Rising. You can find some screenshots here.