DayZ Videos

VideoVideo: Watch us play Mini DayZ from 4.30pm GMT

See the officially recognised spin-off in action.

Did you know there was an officially licensed 2D spin-off of DayZ, complete with 2D, top-down graphics and a bite-sized Chernaus? Oh, you did? Well, I didn't (I'm quite ignorant about these things) so I'm going to be watching Ian Higton stream the game from 4.30pm with interest. It is a thing that is happening here, below.

VideoVideo: See DayZ played the hardcore way

First-person survival horror as Ian terrifies himself on DayZ's more challenging servers.

Is there any better way to see out the working week than watch someone s**t themselves up through the wonder of a video game? Well do we have a treat for you!

VideoVideo: How a town is born in DayZ

Chernarus town planning.

Ah, Chernarus, with your epic vistas and your rolling green countryside. Sweet Chernarus, with your hamlets and towns, and with you adorable little town of Stary Sobor. Dear, dear Chernarus, with your mobs and zombies and stale stench of death.

VideoWatch us play DayZ with Dean Hall

Yesterday's livestream in full.

UPDATE: It's finished! You can still catch the livestream in all its glory below, though - and we'll be bringing you more from Bohemia's offices over the coming week.

VideoVideo: Let's Play DayZ: Bromance turns to tragedy

Ian joins forces with James from Outside Xbox.

If you've subscribed to our Twitch channel, you may have seen that Ian has been live-streaming the DayZ alpha for several hours a day for the last few days. In the moments we remember most fondly, he has even joined forces with Outside Xbox's James Hills.

VideoWatch us play DayZ - for five hours straight

Undead marathon kicks off at 1pm today.

DayZ's quite popular, isn't it? Even with a half-hearted plea from its developers not to jump in just yet, the standalone on Steam early access is racing towards a million sales, which isn't bad considering the actual beta's pretty much at least a year away.

Well, that came from nowhere. Dean Hall finally dropped the DayZ standalone on Steam last night, though there are plenty of caveats - it's an early alpha that's supposedly some 12 months off from entering beta phase, meaning it's complete with all the game-breaking bugs that made its predecessor famous.

VideoWatch Dean Hall's DayZ Standalone session from the Eurogamer Expo

Video recovered from down the back of YouTube's sofa.

One of the most popular developer sessions at this year's Eurogamer Expo was Dean Hall's presentation and lengthy audience Q&A about the new standalone version of DayZ. Those of you who attended or watched it live on YouTube told us it was among your favourites.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 5: The Best Laid Plans

In which James is tempted off course by a helicopter wreck.

Make a plan - and stick to it. That was Day Z creator Dean Hall's advice to struggling zombie apocalypse survivor James Hills - Eurogamer TV's video editor - in Day 3 of his video diary of life in the game. And it's a plan that turned the panic and disaster of days 1 and 2 into the heroic survivalism of day 4.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 4: First Blood

In which James is defeated by a hay bale, sees an unlikely bus stop, and takes his first shot in anger.

Is it confidence, or hubris? Day 4 of our Day Z video diary finds Eurogamer TV's cameraman and editor James Hills in high spirits after the successful raids of Day 3. Armed with tips from creator Dean Hall, the panicky and frightened refugee of episodes 1 and 2 is now a wary survivor with a game plan.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 2: The Lost Art of Running Away

In which James meets a cow, dreams of an island paradise and accidentally dooms a friendly player.

If you watched the first episode of our Day Z video diary, you'll know that Eurogamer TV's James Hills had a harrowing experience at the hands of another player on his first day as a clueless survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 1: Friend or Foe?

In which a clueless James stumbles into the zombie survival game and meets his first player. What happened next?

Day Z, the hot zombie survival mod for PC military sim Arma 2, is the end of the world as it really would be. You arrive in its post-apocalyptic wasteland with no tools or weapons, and - if it's your first go - no idea how to get them. You're lost. There's no mini-map or objective marker hovering helpfully in your vision. Other human beings might give you a helping hand, or they might shoot you for a tin of beans. Death is permanent.

VideoWatch Dean "Rocket" Hall's huge Rezzed Q&A for DayZ

On the standalone game, dogs and much more.

There were a few developer sessions at this year's inaugural Rezzed show that were so full we had to turn people away. One was Peter Molyneux, obviously (who did not disappoint - he swore, he used the word "sperms", it was generally amazing), and another was Randy Pitchford, who did a long demo of Borderlands 2 and spent ages answering questions from the audience.