DayZ Videos

VideoVideo: Watch us play Mini DayZ from 4.30pm GMT

See the officially recognised spin-off in action.

VideoVideo: See DayZ played the hardcore way

First-person survival horror as Ian terrifies himself on DayZ's more challenging servers.

VideoVideo: How a town is born in DayZ

Chernarus town planning.

VideoWatch us play DayZ with Dean Hall

Yesterday's livestream in full.

VideoVideo: Let's Play DayZ: Bromance turns to tragedy

Ian joins forces with James from Outside Xbox.

VideoWatch us play DayZ - for five hours straight

Undead marathon kicks off at 1pm today.

VideoWatch Dean Hall's DayZ Standalone session from the Eurogamer Expo

Video recovered from down the back of YouTube's sofa.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 5: The Best Laid Plans

In which James is tempted off course by a helicopter wreck.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 4: First Blood

In which James is defeated by a hay bale, sees an unlikely bus stop, and takes his first shot in anger.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 3: I'm a Survivor! (feat. Dean Rocket Hall)

In which James follows survival tips from none other than Day Z creator Dean Hall - and attempts a raid.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 2: The Lost Art of Running Away

In which James meets a cow, dreams of an island paradise and accidentally dooms a friendly player.

VideoDay Z Video Diary, Day 1: Friend or Foe?

In which a clueless James stumbles into the zombie survival game and meets his first player. What happened next?

EGXWatch Dean "Rocket" Hall's huge Rezzed Q&A for DayZ

On the standalone game, dogs and much more.

VideoRezzed Sessions: Dean "Rocket" Hall talks DayZ

Huge and candid Q&A on the biggest PC game of 2012.