DayZ Videos

Video | Video: Watch us play Mini DayZ from 4.30pm GMT

See the officially recognised spin-off in action.

Video | Video: See DayZ played the hardcore way

First-person survival horror as Ian terrifies himself on DayZ's more challenging servers.

Video | Watch us play DayZ with Dean Hall

Yesterday's livestream in full.

Video | Video: Let's Play DayZ: Bromance turns to tragedy

Ian joins forces with James from Outside Xbox.

Video | Watch us play DayZ - for five hours straight

Undead marathon kicks off at 1pm today.

Video | Watch Dean Hall's DayZ Standalone session from the Eurogamer Expo

Video recovered from down the back of YouTube's sofa.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 5: The Best Laid Plans

In which James is tempted off course by a helicopter wreck.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 4: First Blood

In which James is defeated by a hay bale, sees an unlikely bus stop, and takes his first shot in anger.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 3: I'm a Survivor! (feat. Dean Rocket Hall)

In which James follows survival tips from none other than Day Z creator Dean Hall - and attempts a raid.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 2: The Lost Art of Running Away

In which James meets a cow, dreams of an island paradise and accidentally dooms a friendly player.

Video | Day Z Video Diary, Day 1: Friend or Foe?

In which a clueless James stumbles into the zombie survival game and meets his first player. What happened next?

EGX | Watch Dean "Rocket" Hall's huge Rezzed Q&A for DayZ

On the standalone game, dogs and much more.

Video | Rezzed Sessions: Dean "Rocket" Hall talks DayZ

Huge and candid Q&A on the biggest PC game of 2012.