Dark Souls Remastered News

You can play Dark Souls: Remastered on Nintendo Switch this weekend

Dark Souls: Remastered is finally getting its Nintendo Switch network test this weekend, which means you can try the game for free over the next few evenings.

Servers will be live between 6-10pm UK time on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd.

As detailed on the Nintendo Switch eShop, the test will allow you to explore the area of Undead Parish - both in single-player and with multiplayer features.

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See how Dark Souls Remastered and Diablo 3 run in Switch's mobile mode

Nintendo's Gamescom line-up confirms once again that Switch is a superb handheld games machine with a growing range of impressive titles. During the show, Digital Foundry got the chance to go hands-on with both the Diablo 3 Eternal Collection and Dark Souls Remastered running in handheld mode - and there's off-screen footage on this page showing how well these games are shaping up.

Initially, we made a beeline for Dark Souls Remastered, principally because so little of the project has been revealed to date. In fact, in terms of assets, we've had a few snatches of direct feed capture several months back and little more. The game is present and playable at Gamescom, but it remains something of a mystery - Nintendo limited access to the title by restricting visitors to the very first tutorial level, cutting demos short after vanquishing the Asylum Demon boss.

With that in mind, our impressions are obviously limited. The presentation when playing in handheld mode is certainly crisp, and in line with the publisher's website, which states that users should expect a native 720p pixel-count for mobile play, rising to 1080p when docked. It's also confirmed that Dark Souls Remastered opts for the original release's 30fps, as opposed to the double frame-rate seen in the other remastered editions. We noted a touch of slowdown during alpha-heavy scenes in the boss battle, but overall, while the sample of gameplay we had was limited to say the least, Dark Souls Remastered is looking good.

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At last, Dark Souls Remastered has a Nintendo Switch release date

Dark Souls Remastered launches for Nintendo Switch on 19th October, publisher Bandai Namco has announced.

The Solaire of Astora amiibo comes out alongside the game on the same date.

It's been a bit of a wait - we were expecting the Switch version alongside the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions back in May, until it was pushed back to "summer". October isn't really summer anywhere, but at least now we know for certain when it'll arrive.

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Dark Souls Remastered has launched a day early on Steam

Dark Souls Remastered, the spruced-up version of From Software's methodical action classic, is now available on Steam - a full day ahead of its originally announced May 25th release date. No such luck for console players though.

The newly remastered version of Dark Souls (which includes the excellent Artorias of the Abyss DLC) features a number of changes, mostly of the graphical variety; there's enhanced lighting and texture work, for instance, and the game runs at 60fps, rather than the 30fps seen in the original edition. Elsewhere, Dark Souls' multiplayer now supports up to six participants.

Those new to the series can pick up Dark Souls Remastered on Steam for 34.99. Anyone that purchased the original (and now de-listed) Prepare to Die Edition on Valve's platform, meanwhile, will receive a 50% discount, putting it at 17.99.

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Bandai Namco details Dark Souls Remastered network tests for Xbox One and PS4

Bandai Namco has detailed its previously announced Dark Souls Remastered network tests, which are now scheduled to run from May 11th to May 12th on Xbox One and PS4.

The network test will, according to Bandai Namco, be limited to Dark Souls' Undead Parish area - hopefully its memorable Bell Gargoyle boss fight will feature - and will enable participants to summon co-op partners and invade other players' worlds.

The network test will unfold in two six hour sessions, one on Friday, May 11th, and the other on Saturday, May 12th. Time slots are region-specific, with each session beginning at 5pm and ending at 10:59pm in the UK. In the US, sessions start at 6:00pm PDT and finish at 11:59pm.

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PC players can get Dark Souls Remastered half-price if they own the original

Bandai Namco has confirmed that owners of the original Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition on PC can get 50% off Dark Souls Remastered when it launches on May 25th.

The offer, which Bandai Namco is calling a "loyalty discount", marks something of a U-turn for the publisher. In January, a discount was briefly spotted on the official Remastered pre-order page, but Bandai Namco denied its validity, telling PC Gamer that existing Dark Souls owners on PC would see no savings at launch.

The main caveat regarding Bandai Namco's newly confirmed discount appears to be that it's only available through Steam. You'll need to have the original Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition in your Steam library when you purchase Dark Souls Remastered in order to get 50% off.

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Dark Souls on Switch just got delayed

Praise the sun "this summer".

Bandai Namco has just announced that Dark Souls: Remastered is being delayed on Switch. The game will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC on the 25th of May as planned, but the Switch version has been pushed back to "this summer."