Bully: Scholarship Edition News

Bully 2 "never got off the ground", says Rockstar source

Rockstar New England spent over a year working on the secret sequel.

This is how Bully would look in HD

Student recreates the set of Rockstar's classic.

Rockstar: we "adore" Bully

It "might come back in the future".

Gamers' Voice slams Keith Vaz

Attacks "amateurish" early day motion.

Vaz: "I’ve never been against games"

Controversial MP speaks to Eurogamer.

Bully music composer reveals sequel

Says he'll be working on it soon.

Bully in development for PC

"Coming soon", apparently.

Complaints about Bully ad dismissed

"Unlikely to cause serious offence."

Rockstar buys Mad Doc Software

Empire Earth dev becomes family.

New Bully 360 patch creating problems?

Best avoid, says Internet.

Bully 360 patch due this week

Rockstar dealing with crashes, etc.

Rockstar "horrified" by Bully bugs

Working on a fix right now.

Telegraph rekindles Bully controversy

Scholarship Edition under scrutiny.

Take-Two pre-emptively gags Thompson

Legal shoe on other foot.

Bully Wii/360 details

Due out in March.