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Game denies forcing games off UK Steam

Space Marine, Saints Row missing.

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Game has strongly denied a rumour doing the rounds that it has forced some publishers to have their games removed from Steam in the UK.

A user on the Facepunch forum accused Game of asking publishers to remove their games from Valve's digital service or face the possibility of having them dropped from store shelves.

THQ's Space Marine and Saints Row The Third are currently missing from Steam for UK gamers. The PC version of the Space Marine demo failed to turn up on Steam this week - without explanation.

Bethesda is also mentioned, with the Facepunch user alleging Game imposed a one-month ban period on Splash Damage shooter Brink before it could be sold on Steam in the UK.

Brink mysteriously failed to appear on Steam alongside the launch of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions.

Pre-ordering fantasy RPG Skyrim is also blocked for UK gamers.

Game today denied all the allegations.

"We can categorically state that these rumours do not relate to Game Group or any of its employees," Game told Eurogamer in a statement.

"We have had no such conversations with any publisher and have been in contact with various publishers who can confirm this for you as well."

Eurogamer has contacted THQ and Valve for comment.

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