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Brink disappears from UK Steam store

Bethesda, Splash Damage investigating.

Shooter Brink has disappeared from the Steam store in the UK.

The Brink game page has been replaced by a message stating: "This item is currently unavailable in your region."

A post on Bethesda's official forum by senior community manager Gstaff confirms the company is aware of the issue. "Looking into the matter as we speak... hold tight," it reads.

Splash Damage is also investigating and has retweeted an earlier message from the official Brink Twitter account: "RE: Steam unlock issues for some users: RT @brinkgame @wstn we're looking at it and should have it resolved quickly"

Searching for the game on Steam returns several trailers, but no access to the game page itself or ability to activate the title.

Initial reports from members of the Steam forum confirm only UK users are affected. Those elsewhere in Europe are still able to download the title.

Brink launched in Europe today. Simon Parkin accessed an 8/10 in Eurogamer's Brink review.

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