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Future C&C beta key in Red Alert 3

Premier Edition treat.

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GAME's exclusive "Premier" package for Red Alert 3 on PC includes a mystery beta key for an unnamed Command & Conquer game.

The package, which costs GBP 44.99, also includes a host of other goodies.

Chief among them for the average internet misogynist is probably the 'Women of Red Alert 3 montage video', presumably featuring Gemma Atkinson, but it's the beta key which has most people's interest piqued.

Neither EA nor GAME were able to confirm which game the key will apply to, but the office bet is on upcoming first-person shooter Tiberium. Perhaps the PC-specific nature of the bundle is a clue?

Anyway, check out the unedited feature list below for details of what your extra pennies will get you.

  • Limited edition collector's tin.
  • Five exclusive multiplayer/skirmish maps.
  • Bonus DVD featuring: Full-length Raising the Iron Curtain making-of movie with exclusive interviews from the star-studded cast.
  • Concept art montage video (From Pens to Pixels), Bloopers and outtakes from the cinematics sessions, Women of Red Alert 3 montage video, An inside look into the future of Command & Conquer and Red Alert, Tips on how to unlock the secrets of each side, directly from the developers, Complete video walk-thru on one of the game's hardest missions! And more!
  • Game Soundtrack including exclusive remixes of Hell March and Hell March 2 by From First to Last, plus the all-new Hell March 3.
  • Exclusive Beta Key to a future C&C game!
  • A C&C Red Alert 3-exclusive item for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (also available with the standard edition of C&C Red Alert 3).

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