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Fund FlatOut dev's new game to meet Santa

Bugbear takes to Kickstarter for its Next Car Game.

Bugbear, the Finnish developer behind the FlatOut series and Ridge Racer Unbounced, is taking to Kickstarter for its new driving game, the brilliantly titled Next Car Game (I think that's probably a placeholder).

The game, announced earlier this year with a loose early 2014 release date attached in September, looks to retain the knockabout destructive action the Helsinki studio has become renowned for. Why is it not simply another FlatOut game? Well, Empire Interactive owns the rights to that series, which it sold on a few years back. It didn't pan out particularly well.

Bugbear's game is targeting a PC release first, with Xbox One and PS4 titles stretch goals for the Kickstarter. Should you want to get involved, there are plenty of tiers - starting with a $1 pledge that gets you a digital Christmas card to a $10,000 one that gets you to meet Santa Claus himself.

The not so encouraging news is that the Kickstarter is struggling along slightly right now. Three days into its 30 day funding period and it's not quite reached 10 per cent of its $350,000 target.