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Full-strength FIFA returns to PC platform

EA Sports promises parity with consoles.

FIFA 11 will be coming to PC this October in fully realised form, EA Sports has announced.

The latest FIFA PC release will be technologically in line with its PS3 and Xbox 360 console cousins, according to the publisher.

"You'll now be able to have the award-winning gameplay and graphics that were once only for consoles, optimised for your home computer," EA Sports boss Peter Moore explained.

"FIFA PC users have been requesting this for some time now, and although it took two years to develop, we are finally able to deliver the next-gen game experience on PC."

Earlier this week EA announced that FIFA 11 would be released on 1st October in Europe. That date includes the PC version.

The publisher also unveiled FIFA 11's Creation Centre, where you can build players and teams from scratch, share them round the world and play with them online.

You can read much more about the game in our detailed FIFA 11 preview, check out our video interview with producer Dave Rutter elsewhere or see the first two PC screenshots below.