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FTL team's Into the Breach will be released this month


Into the Breach, the new game by FTL: Faster than Light studio Subset Games, will be released 27th February on Windows PC. Other platforms are still planned but there's no schedule for their release yet.

Like FTL, Into the Breach looks simplistic - a slightly cartoony grid-and-turn-based strategy game about protecting Earth from aliens breeding under the surface. Combat is even described as "minimalistic" on the Into the Breach website, providing you the opportunity to counter-attack each turn.

There's a mechanic whereby you can't fail - when you're defeated you send help back through time to save another timeline - and each attempt randomly generates a world and challenge for you. Travelling game writer extraordinaire Chris Avellone has leant a hand, too.

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Like FTL, then, Into the Breach ought to keep you having just one more go long past your bedtime. It's one of the reasons FTL was one of our games of 2012. Our hopes for Into the Breach couldn't be higher!

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