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Free-to-play shooter Warframe now available on Xbox One

With an £89.99 in-game currency and mods pack.

Free-to-play co-op sci-fi shooter Warframe is now available to download on Xbox One.

You can nab the game now and start playing for no cost, or choose to open your wallet and pick from one of several currency packs.

As usual, the more you spend the better ratio of in-game Platinum you get.

75 Platinum costs £3.99, 170 Platinum costs £7.99, 370 Platinum costs £15.99, 1000 Platinum costs £39.99, 2100 Platinum costs £64.99 and 3210 Platinum costs £89.99.

But the higher tier packs unlock more than in-game credits - each includes gun mods to make your weapons more deadly.

Pick up 1000 Platinum and you'll also get a mod to increase your gun's fire rate by five percent and its puncture rate by 0.2.

2100 Platinum will net you that mod plus a 20 per cent shield and health bonus.

The game's most expensive 32100 Platinum pack gives you both of those mods plus a third to increase fire rate and multishot by 10 per cent.

Warframe originally launched on PC early last year and was a launch title for PlayStation 4 last November.

It's made by Digital Extremes, the studio behind The Darkness 2 and the recent Star Trek tie-in game - the one which director JJ Abrams said he was "emotionally hurt" by.

"If all you want is a way to run around and shoot things without troubling your wallet or imagination, that may be enough to justify the time it takes Warframe to download," Dan Whitehead wrote in Eurogamer's Warframe review.

"It's hard, though, to shake the feeling that the only reason this game is free to play is that nobody would pay money for something so scrappy and generic."

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