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Free-to-play sci-fi shooter Warframe is coming to Switch

Being handled by Doom porting team Panic Button.

Developer Digital Extremes has announced that Warframe, its excellent free-to-play, co-op-focussed sci-fi shooter, is currently in development for Nintendo Switch.

The news comes via the third annual Warframe convention (otherwise known as TennoCon 2018) which is taking place today in Ontario, Canada - and it's accompanied by this announcement trailer, offering a first look at the game in action on Switch:

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Warframe for Switch is being developed by Panic Button, the team responsible for porting DOOM, Wolfenstein: The New Colossus, and Rocket League to Nintendo's newest platform.

In Digital Extremes own words, for those not in the know, "Warframe gives players the chance to master the Warframe armor as the enigmatic Tenno, a race of ancient warriors wielding blade and gun, who are awakened from centuries of cryo-sleep by the mysterious guide, Lotus, to restore order throughout the Solar System.

"Warframe features more than 35 unique Warframes, hundreds of weapons and thousands of customization options, the ability to upgrade weapons armor and items using a flexible mod system, and the ability to join clans, nurture pets, and explore massive new open worlds".

Warframe on Switch has no release window just yet, but hopefully Digital Extremes will have more to share on that front soon.

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