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Fortnite begins Borderlands crossover event

While Borderlands 3 releases in a Fortnite.

Fortnite is gracing us with yet another crossover, this time featuring some iconic characters and a location from Borderlands.

Starting today (and ending on the 10th September just three days before Borderlands 3 releases), players will be able to explore a brand new zone in the battle royale called the Pandora Rift, as well as pick up the Psycho Bundle from the shop allowing you to lug Claptrap around on your back.

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There'll also be free rewards for those who complete challenges in a Welcome to Pandora Challenge Bundle, featuring sprays and weapon skins.

Players will have a chance to explore Fortnite's take on Pandora in the new map area, and while in the Pandora Rift you'll generate shields if you go long enough without taking damage - just like in Borderlands.

Pandora is also coming to Fortnite Creative in the form of new Prefabs and a new camera filter to help give your creations that post-apocalyptic glow.

Epic teased the crossover event in a tweet yesterday, posting an image of some fan favourite Fortnite characters with an outlier hiding amongst them.

For some reason the event is called Fortnite X Mayhem and doesn't actually mention Borderlands by name anywhere, despite the fact that it is definitely Borderlands. Nevertheless, it'll likely tide over fans of both games before Borderlands 3 releases next month.

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