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Fort Solis is heading to PlayStation 5 this summer, stars Red Dead Redemption 2's Roger Clark

Space cowboy.

Psychological thriller Fort Solis is heading to PlayStation 5, as well as PC, this summer. In addition to this news, we also have a brand-new trailer for Fallen Leaf's upcoming space horror, which stars Red Dead Redemption 2's Roger Clark and The Last of Us' Troy Baker.

Clark plays Jack Leary, an engineer who responds to a maintenance request on an isolated mining base on Mars.

"With storm warnings imminent [Leary] heads inside to make contact. As the night grows longer, events escalate, spiral out of control and the mystery of what happened to the crew begins to reveal itself. The storms arrive, limiting Jack's escape as he looks to hold out until morning arrives," reads Fort Solis' game description on Steam. You can check out its latest trailer below.

In space, no one can hear you scream.Watch on YouTube

Game director James Tinsdale stated Fort Solis "takes after the psychological sci-fi films like Moon, Sunshine, and Solaris", commenting the team wanted to "capture a feeling of being alone, unsafe, and unsure of what's going on".

Additionally, Fort Solis will have no "camera cuts, load times, or HUD" on its release later this year (we do not have an exact release date, as yet).

As for those on Xbox Series X/S, Tinsdale has stated an Xbox Series release could also arrive some time in the future.

In conversation with The Loadout, the director stated the development team has to do things "one step at a time and within its means", but an Xbox release is likely (current-gen only). As for a Switch release, I am afraid that is a no, as Fort Solis "wouldn't run" on Nintendo's console.

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