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Former Zipper devs join Takedown team

SOCOM alumni sign up for Kickstarted tactical shooter.

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A couple of former Zipper Interactive developers have joined Serellan, the team working on recently Kickstarted tactical shooter Takedown.

The two guys in question are Mark Nicolino, who served as senior artist on the SOCOM series and Vita shooter Unit 13, and gameplay engineer Reed Gonsalves.

They join a small team also boasting ex Ubisoft, Microsoft and Day 1 staffers. It's lead by Christian Allen, formally lead designer on Halo Reach and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter.

"While it was sad news when Sony announced the Zipper was closing, we immediately got in touch with many former Zipper folks to talk with them about working on Takedown," commented Allen.

"Their experience creating quality shooters on a difficult platform will help us immensely in creating the focused, hardcore, cqb, tactical experience that our fans expect."

The studio successfully raised $200,000 via the crowd-funding site back in April towards its back-to-basics, no-nonsense shooter project.

Zipper, a Sony subsidiary, was closed down back in March, soon after the low-key launch of Unit 13.

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