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Former LucasArts staff share secrets

KOTOR 3 and Battlefront 3 among them.

Former LucasArts staff are letting all sorts of secrets fly including word on a Knights of the Old Republic MMO following a round of lay-offs earlier this week.

The staff cull began on Wednesday, according to Kotaku, and is responsible for over 100 terminations.

While imminent releases such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and Fracture will be unaffected, unannounced and less complete titles will apparently be increasingly outsourced.

Those mentioned were the much-rumoured and covered-up Knights of the Old Republic MMO, Battlefront 3, another LEGO Indiana Jones outing (the complete saga, perhaps), and a lightsaber game for Wii.

Presumably BioWare will make KOTOR 3 and Traveller's Tales can do the LEGO game. LucasArts has definitely not confirmed any of the above.

The reasons behind the sackings are unknown, although April-appointed boss Darrell Rodriguez (formerly EA bigwig) may have something to do with it.