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FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage dated

Out next Friday.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Empire Interactive will be lining up copies of FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage on shelves near you next Friday.

We'd previously expected it this month, although it's the first time we've seen a specific date. The confirmation also coincides with it going gold - not to be confused with Going for Gold, a British quiz show hosted by Henry Kelly.

FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage is developed by Bugbear exclusively for Xbox 360. It bears little regard for the rules, and is often described as Burnout's redneck cousin. The aim is simply to smash, crash, and thrash your way to the front.

"The game ticks the box marked 'fun' with a big, wavy, squealy line of burnt rubber," said our very own Rob Fahey, who went to see it in action earlier this month. Pop over to Eurogamer's first impressions of FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage to find out more.

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