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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage revealed

For Xbox 360 in June.

Following the success of previous games in the series, Empire Interactive has announced a new FlatOut game for Xbox 360, which is due for release in June.

The game, developed by Bugbear Entertainment, will be built from the ground up to make the best use of the new technology's horsepower. You'll be able to race in 12 different cars in five singleplayer and two multiplayer modes, plus downloadable content via Xbox Live will also be supported.

"We are very excited in being able to reward the loyal FlatOut fan base with a next generation FlatOut game," said Ian Higgins, Empire Interactive CEO. "FlatOut Ultimate Carnage is that game and it is undoubtedly the best FlatOut game to date."

FlatOut 2 was released last year, and despite being largely an update of the first game, received very favourable reviews. It's racing in a similar vein to Burnout, but off-road and messy, and one of the first games to lean heavily on its physics engine for negotiating debris and bumpy roads.

You know, it's actually very good. Here's hoping a new next-gen version can deliver the goods. Catch a face-full of the new screenshots elsewhere on the mud track, er, website.

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FlatOut Ultimate Carnage

Xbox 360, PC

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