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Flappy Royale is the battle royale/Flappy Bird mashup you didn't know you wanted

No cooked birds for the winner, I hope.

Not to be outdone by Mario Royale - wait, I mean Infringio Royale - another unlikely gaming icon has jumped onto the battle royale bandwagon: Flappy Bird.

No, Flappy hasn't suddenly strapped on a bullet-proof vest and picked up a Spitfire - Flappy Royale is the original Flappy Bird game, only instead of desperately trying to beat your own BP, instead you're pitting yourself against 99 other players. As you might expect, the bird that survives the longest wins the game.

Designed by programmer Orta Therox and Em Lazer Walker (thanks, PCGN), Flappy Royale also boasts additional customisation choices, such as hats and outfits.

I can only hope there's no chicken dinner for the winner - surely that would be too uncomfortable for poor Flappy?

To give it a go, head to the official website.

Mario Royale was promptly reskinned as Infringio Royale after its creator reportedly received a cease and desist from Nintendo. As Wes reported last week, all references to Mario and Nintendo have been removed, and Mario himself has been replaced by a sprite who sort of looks like Mario but isn't. Enemy sprites have also been replaced with original creations. The platforms are a different colour, the Mario audio is gone, and when you die, a voice says: "It looks like you've been copystruck. I'm sorry, my friend."