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Five for Virtual Console this Friday

Pac-Attack, Super Fantasy Zone, more.

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Nintendo has updated the Virtual Console with five games this morning including five that still aren't Chrono Trigger. The cads.

The five games that are available are:

  • Cybernoid (C64) GBP 3.50 / EUR 5 (approx)
  • King of the Monsters (Neo Geo) GBP 6.30 / EUR 9 (approx)
  • Pac-Attack (SNES) GBP 6 / EUR 8 (approx)
  • Summer Games 2 (C64) GBP 3.50 / EUR 5 (approx)
  • Super Fantasy Zone (Megadrive) GBP 6 / EUR 8 (approx)

According to Eurogamer's resident Virtual Console stalker, Dan Whitehead, Cybernoid is "Raf Cecco's awesome shoot-'em-up", and King of the Monsters sounds fairly self-explanatory. NeoGeo? Fighting game. Monsters? Giant ones.

Then there's Pac-Attack, which is a falling-blocks puzzle game in the same vein as Tetris. Because you can never have enough of those.

More interesting perhaps is Super Fantasy Zone for the Megadrive. "It's a cute Parodius-style shooter," says Dan, "with free-roaming left and right as you destroy enemy generators in each level to trigger the boss."

Finally, perhaps as a spoiler for SEGA's Beijing 2008 game (we really, really doubt it, but we like conflict - Olympics war!), Summer Games 2 is a button-masher with "prodding recreations of such Tony the Tiger-approved pastimes as Triple Jump, High Jump, Rowing, Javelin, Fencing, Kayaking, Cycling and Mucking About With Horses". Sounds grrrrrreat. Which is a joke we didn't realise you could still do. Thanks Dan.

Watch out for our roundup of all those games soon.

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