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First Doctor Who episode dated

Plus: first footage inside.

The BBC has announced that the first episode of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games will be released for download on 5th June.

The Adventure Games is a series of four downloadable episodes featuring the Doctor and his assistant Amy (voiced by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan respectively, as in the TV show) developed by Sumo Digital in collaboration with Broken Sword creator and all-round excellent man Charles Cecil.

The first footage of the game was shown after Saturday's Victory of the Daleks TV episode and shows the Doctor and Amy arriving in London during the 1960s, with the place in a rather bad state.

This appears to be due to our old friends the Daleks, who are trundling around getting up in everyone's grill as usual.

Check out the first screenshots of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games or watch the trailer below.

You'll also be able to read a preview of the game on Eurogamer soon. Woo.