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City of the Daleks detailed

First Dr Who: The Adventure Games ep.

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The BBC has announced that the first Doctor Who: The Adventure Games episode is called City of the Daleks and takes the Doctor and his companion Amy to the Daleks' home planet, Skaro.

The episode - the first of four - will be released for free on 5th June by the official website for PC and Mac. It forms part of the current TV series and features the new Daleks, voiced by Nicholas Briggs (Matt Smith and Karen Gillan also reprise their roles as the Doctor and Amy respectively).

The story goes that the Daleks have seized control of time and London in the sixties is in ruins - so the only way of saving Earth is to visit the Daleks' capital city of Kaalann, before time catches up with Amy, the last survivor of the human race.

The episode has been written by Phil Ford and executive produced by Steven Moffat. "This is quite a series opener," said Ford. "We destroy London even before the credits role - so you can only begin to imagine where we travel to from there.

"City of the Daleks is as big-budget as you can imagine: from London we head to Kaalann, the capital city of the Daleks, one constructed from pure anger and hate.

"And these new Daleks don't like to be messed with, so players are about to enjoy a new interactive episode which is as heart-pulsing as anything you've seen before."

Check out our impressions of City of the Daleks later today.

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