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Fire Emblem Warriors' first, Fates-themed DLC expansion is out now on Switch

New characters, weapons, and maps, plus some freebies for all.

Fire Emblem Warrior's first bit of paid DLC, known as the Fates DLC Pack, is out now on Switch and 3DS, adding new characters, maps, weapons, costumes, and more. The accompanying update also brings a couple of new freebie features for everyone.

As you can probably surmise by its name, the Fates DLC Pack is themed exclusively around the 3DS game Fire Emblem Fates. It features three new characters in the form of Fates' Azura, Niles, and Oboro, and each comes with their own set of special weapons. Azura, according to the DLC website, is a lance-wielding songstress, Oboro is a spear fighter also focussed on lance use, and Niles is a thief with a fondness for a bow.

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The DLC pack also includes three Fates-themed History Mode maps, one for each of the new characters. There's Grief (featuring Azura), Land of Gods (featuring Oboro), and Cold Reception (featuring Niles). Playing through them unlocks a variety of DLC-exclusive goodies.

For those that like to look their best while slaying soldiers in their millions, the DLC includes the Dark Songstress costume for Azura, Camilla's Maid costume, female Corrin's Hoshido Noble outfit, male Corrin's Nohr Noble outfit, plus Takumi's Butler costume.

There's also a new Bond Charm item which can strengthen character bonds more quickly when equipped, plus the new Divine Favor weapon attribute. Lastly, Armour Break - in which a fighter's clothes will drop off if hit hard enough - has been added for all playable Fire Emblem Fates characters. More pictures are available on the Japanese site.

All of that will cost £8.09 if you opt for the standalone Fates DLC Pack, which is the first of three planned paid expansion updates. Alternatively, there's a £17.99 Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass which will get you everything as it releases, and at a reduced price.

If you don't fancy forking out cash for the new Fates goodies, however, Nintendo has also added a couple of freebies with the arrival of the accompanying software update. Once the update has installed - which it will for everyone, and not just DLC owners - all players will be able to enjoy an increased level cap of 110, the new S weapon rank, the new Fury Builder weapon attribute, plus new crests and blessings.

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson awarded Fire Emblem Warriors a 'Recommended' badge in his review. "Fire Emblem not only fits Koei Tecmo's structures with unmatched elegance," he said, "its rollover systems enrich and improve the design in a way that, perhaps, could not be bettered by any other crossover, Nintendo-born or otherwise."