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Final Fantasy creator begins his own clothing line in Final Fantasy 14


Hironobu Sakaguchi, the original creator of Final Fantasy, has begun his own clothing line in Final Fantasy 14.

And yes, the clothing label is called "sakaGUCCI".

Taking to Twitter, Sakaguchi has been detailing his experience with the MMO - his lalafell is now a level 90 weaver.

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While the game doesn't allow you to create custom designs for your character's clothing, any crafted items sold do retain the creator's name.

That means Sakaguchi's creations will have the "sakaGUCCI" label on them, increasing their worth as potential collector's items.

He's been selling his collection and posting screenshots of characters posing in his fashion items. Prices are dependent on how tricky the items are to craft and how expensive materials are.

To maintain the fun, Sakaguchi has asked players not to sell any items on the marketplace with the "sakaGUCCI" label and instead to glamour them so they cannot be traded. He also warns that the name will be removed if items are made into an illusion with the Mirage Dresser.

The game has been plagued with major congestion since the release of latest expansion Endwalker, but Square Enix are adding new servers to expand the data centres.