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Final Fantasy 16 demo launches today

At 9am UK time.

Final Fantasy 16 will be available to play today in demo form, Square Enix has confirmed.

The highly-anticipated demo will go live for PlayStation 5 in the UK at 9am - that's 4am Eastern time or 1am Pacific.

The demo will contain "two lengthy sections" showcasing Final Fantasy 16, beginning with the game's opening prologue. A PlayStation blog update states this will likely last you around two and a half hours, and will give you a look at main character Clive's backstory.

Final Fantasy 16's launch trailer.Watch on YouTube

After finishing that, you'll unlock a separate battle demo which is described as another two-hour "action-heavy segment". Here you'll infiltrate a fort, assisted by wolf Torgal and Cidolfus Telamon. Expect "various enemies" and "epic bosses".

Your progress in the first demo - the game's prologue - will carry over to the main game. Your progress with the separate combat demo will not.

"Final Fantasy 16 has me questioning the essence of the series," Eurogamer's Ed Nightingale wrote after playing the game last month. "Whether it's 'Final Fantasy enough' for fans remains to be seen; it certainly is for me."

Final Fantasy 16 will launch for PlayStation 5 on 22nd June.

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