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Final Fantasy 15 to have 1080p60 mode for PS4 Pro

A trend-setter?

Square Enix will offer two enhanced display modes for owners of the new and more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro console. One will display the game in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second; the other will display the game at today's standard 1080p resolution but at 60 frames per second.

FF15 director Hajime Tabata announced the news during a Square Enix Active Time Report broadcast (translation and source relayed by Reddit). The related game update will be released in December. Final Fantasy 15, remember, will be released 29th November.

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PS4 Pro arrives in shops today, and there are more than 30 games that already make use of PS4 Pro's extra horsepower.

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The PS4 Pro costs £350 and primarily targets owners of 4K televisions, although this Final Fantasy 15 news will, I'm sure, have a few people checking their bank balance from every workable angle. Be sure to check out Digital Foundry's PS4 Pro review before you splash that cash.

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