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Final Fantasy 13-2 special edition info

Limited and Crystal editions chronicled.

Final Fantasy 13-2 will launch in Europe with two special edition versions and a pre-order pack available from select retailers, Square Enix has announced.

The Limited Collector's Edition, priced £59.99, includes a composer selected soundtrack, an artwork book, six collectible postcards and a high-definition art print of main character Lightning.

The Crystal Edition goes one step further. Priced £79.99 it includes all of the above content plus an upgraded soundtrack spread over four discs and an exclusive t-shirt. It all comes wrapped up in a presentation box.

Those who order the game early from certain retailers will get the FF13-2 Pre-Order Pack. It delivers a steelbook case for the game, includes a set of art cards, a novel bridging the gap between FF13 and FF13-2 plus a download code for the "Fight In Style" DLC pack.

The "Fight In Style" pack gifts gamers a new in-game monster named Omega and several alternate costumes.

Square-Enix has yet to announce which retailers will take part, although Amazon is already listing the Limited Collector's Edition and the Crystal Edition packs.

Images of the various bundles and their contents lie below.