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Final Citizen Sleeper DLC dated ahead of PlayStation release

Nap to be missed.

Citizen Sleeper artwork
Image credit: Fellow Traveller

The third and final episode of DLC for Citizen Sleeper is set to release on 30th March for free across all platforms.

That's a day before the game makes its debut on PlayStation consoles.

Episode: Purge follows Flux and Refuge, and promises to show the future of Erlin's Eye so players can make a final choice.

Citizen Sleeper - Accolades + New Episodes Reveal TrailerWatch on YouTube

On PlayStation, the game will launch with both the base game and all three DLC episodes included.

"It's been a wild ride since the release last May, and I have been blown away by the support, positive press and award nominations alike," said solo developer Gareth Damian Martin on the PlayStation Blog. "As a longtime PlayStation player, I'm so happy to finally bring the game, complete with all its DLC to both PS4 and PS5."

If you're yet to play Citizen Sleeper, it's a phenomenal sci-fi narrative RPG with gameplay inspired by tabletop games set on a space station.

Each cycle of time players roll dice and must decide how to spend them: from making money in a bar and searching for salvage, to uncovering a ship-wide conspiracy and helping an orphan escape.

"There is real anguish and intimacy here, real experience, real softness, pensiveness, complexity of thought, from the deeply clever, immaculately balanced systems to its extraordinarily well-realised art, static drawings of those characters that each feel like a glossy, coffee table magazine cover of their own, such is the incredible texture, colour, posture, pain behind the eyes," reads our Eurogamer review, awarding the game a Recommended badge.

I played the game at the end of last year and was so enamoured I finished it in one sitting. Citizen Sleeper also featured on our top games of 2022 list.

Citizen Sleeper was released across PC, Xbox and Switch last May. It's also available on Game Pass.

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