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Citizen Sleeper is being adapted into a tabletop RPG


Citizen Sleeper artwork
Image credit: Fellow Traveller

Citizen Sleeper is being adapted into a tabletop RPG named Cycles of the Eye.

Like the video game, it's a solo game broken down into turns called cycles with your energy represented by dice. However, Cycles of the Eye is driven by a tarot deck of cards to represent challenges, resources, characters and more.

Citizen Sleeper was inspired by TTRPGs so this adaptation certainly makes sense.

Citizen Sleeper - Free DLC Episodes TrailerWatch on YouTube

Cycles of the Eye won't be available until Q1 2024, priced £29.99 (with other versions also available including an art book and more).

It's been designed by Citizen Sleeper creator Gareth Damian Martin in collaboration with tabletop master Alfred Valley (Lay On Hands, Thousand Empty Light).

You can find more information on the game on the Lost In Cult website.

The Citizen Sleeper TTRPG
The TTRPG set

In further news, this week marks the one year anniversary of Citizen Sleeper, so expect more announcements to come.

First up, designer Damian Martin confirmed that the development team has returned to work on a new project which will be revealed in full soon.

To celebrate, the game has a discount of 33 percent on PC and Switch.

Citizen Sleeper received very positive reviews and was nominated for a number of BAFTAs. I spoke to Damian Martin ahead of the awards on how the game's issues reflect the anxieties of society today.

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