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FIFA Street reboot for March 2012

Soccer sidewalk?

The FIFA Street release date has changed from "early 2012" to "March 2012". Go mad with excitement.

The narrowing of the release window came from a leaflet given at the FIFA 12 UK launch event last night. VG247 picked one up. And then read it.

FIFA Street is the arcade accompaniment to the FIFA 12 simulation. Games are five-a-side and scores are high. Tricks rule the roost and there's a strong seem of cool running through everything.

This is the fourth FIFA Street game, but won't be as caricatured as the third. It's also got no number in the title, hence the reboot angle.

FIFA 12 launches today, and plays a very different game of football. Tom Bramwell wrote Eurogamer's FIFA 12 review.

"What it is, though, is a step forward, and after playing FIFA 12, going back to previous entries in the series seems almost unimaginable. It's another step closer to reality, and this time it's a very welcome one," he wrote.