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FIFA 19 on Switch will finally let you play online with your friends

When it launches this September.

FIFA is returning to Switch later this year, in the form of FIFA 19, and EA has confirmed that this latest iteration will finally enable players on the console to head online and play matches against their friends.

When FIFA 18 launched on Switch last year, one of the loudest complaints revolved around the state of its online play. For reasons unknown, EA elected to only provide random match-making for online games. No means of playing with friends over the internet was available.

Cover image for YouTube video4 Minutes of FIFA 19 on Nintendo Switch with Audio (E3 2018)

This time around, however, EA says that Switch owners will be able to invite anyone from their friend list to play Online Friendlies, enabling players to "track your rivalry through a five-match season, both in FIFA and FIFA Ultimate Team".

FIFA 19 on Switch includes an all-new standalone UEFA Champions League mode, as well as Career mode and Ultimate Team. It also brings improved player models and animations, as you can see in the portable footage captured by Nintendo World Report TV during E3 above.

Switch owners can battle their pals online when FIFA 19 launches on September 28th.