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FFXIII demo this year

Square Enix aiming for E3.

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According to the latest issue of Dengeki, Square Enix is preparing a Final Fantasy XIII demo for July this year.

"We are hoping to have a playable demo ready for E3 in 2007," an unnamed company spokesperson told the magazine.

No specifics have been mentioned in terms of content.

Two FFXIII projects are currently being simultaneously developed by Square Enix in Japan. Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII are two alternate titles featuring different characters, worlds and stories. Both will be available on PS3 simultaneously, and will make up "the new tale of the crystal", or Fabula Nova Crystallis, to give it its suitably facetious Latin title.

Final Fantasy XIII is expected to be released across Europe in 2008.

Meanwhile you can read our thoughts on the last of the PS2 Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy XII, which is released in Europe on 23rd February.

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