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Far Cry 5 now has a photo mode


Opinions might be divided on Far Cry 5, but there's little argument that its recreation of the lush Montana landscape is very pretty indeed. And the game's latest update on Xbox One, PS4, and PC takes full advantage of that fact, offering up a brand-new Photo Mode.

Photo Mode arrives as part of Far Cry 5's unambitiously monikered Title Update 8 and can be accessed while the game is paused during Solo gameplay modes - that's the main campaign, all DLC story campaigns, and on any Far Cry Arcade solo map.

It's a decently featured addition too, enabling budding photographers to adjust the time of day and field of view, and apply filters, frames, and logos directly onto images. It's even possible to adjust your character's facial expression - a feature that's already proved its amusement value in the likes of Nintendo's Wind Waker remaster, and, more recently, God of War.

The rest of Far Cry 5's newest update is a little less exciting, largely focussed on bug fixes and performance improvements. Fans of the game's Arcade Editor, however, do get a bit of a treat in the form of new props and assets taken from the recent Hours of Darkness DLC mission and its imminent follow-up Lost on Mars, which is due to arrive later this month.

Patch note enthusiasts can find full details of today's Far Cry 5 update on the Ubisoft website.